Living in Construction 

I live in construction & have lived in construction since we moved into our home 4 years ago. Not just a little bathroom makeover, but whole house makeover. We moved the stairs, took out walls, new roof, new windows, redid all of the electrical & plumbing, striped vinyl off of original hard wood floors, the list goes on & on. The best part is we are doing it ourselves.

This is me 8 months pregnant with Rowan, helping Tyler pour concrete for our new stairs. Glasses: Zenni Optical, Shirt: Husbands work shirt, Leggings: Some pregnancy leggings I found at a consignment shop, Shoes: DKNY, from Opitz for $5

If you know me, I like things a certain way. I hate clutter & messes. You would think & I thought that there would be no way I could survive a house remodel, a long-on-going house remodel, that still isn’t done 4 years later. But I am & I am not going crazy, thanks to Tyler.

My husband is an electrician, but before that he worked for his dad building houses, he started at just 4 years old with little tasks & I can tell already that’s going to be Rowan. I am so lucky, I married the ultimate handy man. But the real best part about Tyler is he has his priorities right, which helps me with this whole living in construction thing so much easier.

Family really does come first to Ty. The other night at a family event one of Tyler’s uncles asked us how many kids we want. We replied with our usual answer, 3 or 4. He replyed joking that we must not like money, to which Tyler replied

“You can’t hug or hangout with money, it’s way more fun to have a kid”

So the house might not be done, & it might never be done. I may not like that the trim isn’t up & my walk-in closet is not started, the basement isn’t even close, the garage is falling apart … but we are fine & healthy. Tyler is working his non-existent butt off everyday, but he is also at the park with us every night, eating dinner, spending quality time together. The house really can wait. 

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