Parenting … Preschool at 2

Lets be honest we really don’t know what we are doing when it comes to parenting or at least I don’t. I struggle with this on the daily, “am I handling this right,” “am I overreacting,” “did I say the wrong thing,” the list goes on & on.

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My biggest fear is messing my kid up. I’ve heard so many stories about how just about anything can affect your child later in life, in good ways & bad. Not giving them enough attention, giving them to much attention, over praising, pushing/encouraging them into things, the list goes on & on.

At the end of the day I really just want my child to be happy. I want to give my child every opportunity in life. I want to give him a step-up & set him up for success.

That is why we chose to send Rowan to preschool at the early age of 2. My husband, Tyler, really struggled in school. He claims to have had the longest IEP in the history of his school. I don’t know if I believe that, but Tyler couldn’t sit still, got frustrated easily, & didn’t do great in a classroom setting. Tyler’s parents THANKFULLY ended up getting him help through special education around 2nd grade.

If Tyler had got help in preschool, maybe those first few years of school wouldn’t have been so hard. Maybe he would have already learned tools to help him be more successful in the classroom.

Rowan is a lot like Tyler already. So this is why we chose preschool early, I want to give Rowan a leg up. I want him to flourish in school & have all the tools needed for him to be as successful as he can be.

One thought on “Parenting … Preschool at 2

  1. Strictlychicme says:

    My son Taylor started day care at 1 year 3 months. That was the best decision My husband and I made. He is clever and interacts with others well. He would have been lonely if he had stayed at home. I guess thats parenting you just have to wing it till you win.

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