A Day at the Farm

When my good SAHM & fellow blogger friend Hilary suggested going to Gale Woods Farm over MEA I couldn’t say no.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Sweater: Loft for $4.98, Jeans: Old Navy for $18, Shoes: Vans, from DSW for $45, Purse: Vintage Coach, from Goodwill for $12

Rowan loves, loves, LOVES all animals so I knew it was a must. We have been to Gale Woods Farm a few times before, but only in the spring to see the baby animals, & actually our wedding reception was here. So we familiar with this place.

Gale Woods is amazing. I really believe that you need to go out & explore the world with your children. They need that hands on experience to learn & grow. That exactly what Gale Woods Farm does.

We started the day with making bracelets from the wool of the sheep. We then got to help make carrot fritters & apple cider. Rowan is quite a picky eater, but gobbled up these carrot fritters. It’s going to be my new way to get veggies in his diet. (Recipe at bottom of page)  The kids got to practice milking a fake cow. Rowan practically lives off milk so he was quite excited to try it out.

We then ventured outside to visit all the animals. This is was what makes parenting the best. Seeing their little faces gleam with excitement. Life has always been good, but seeing it through their eyes is a whole new level.

After smothering the sheep with love we headed to the garden. There they got to shovel, pick weeds, eat raspberries & carrots. They got to be little gardeners. This made me realize that we NEED a real garden next year, & that can be one of Rowans jobs around the house. (Yes, Rowan is 2 & has chores)

We ended our trip at the farm learning about bees & other insects. I highly recommend Gale Woods Farm for your next family outing. It was $7 a person (2 & older) with a 20% discount for 4 or more.

After the farm we headed to Dakota Junction for lunch. This place is my favorite it town, but it was perfect for today. They get produce & meat from Gale Woods Farm. It really was a farm to table experience.

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