Zenni Optical … the place to get glasses

When this little blue package arrives in my mail box I can hardly contain my excitment. I love my glasses & the ONLY place I buy glasses & sunglasses is from Zenni Optical. They are affordable & so stylish that I can get many pairs to match my many outfits.

I ordered 3 pairs of glasses this time, the total for all 3 glasses was $81.65. I just really can’t get over the price & quality. The best part is I don’t feel guilty at all.

The first pair I wanted was a fun neutral color. I already own a pink pair that matches my skin really well, but wanted something to stand out a bit more. I went with this purple pair, they are exactly what I wanted. The total for these glasses was $30.90.

Glasses: Zenni Optical #7810017

The next pair I wanted was classic nerd glasses. This pair was the cheapest & my favorite by far at $14.90.

Glasses: Zenni Optical #125525

The last pair I wanted was just a classic pair of glasses. I wanted something that would match anything & not hide my face. I loved this pair for $30.90.

Glasses: Zenni Optical #324114

If your in the need of glasses, I highly recommend Zenni Optical. You can’t beat the price & trends.

I also love that you can upload your own picture & try on the glasses that way. I personally don’t use this feature, but my husband has.

All you need to do is click on the try on button, it will bring you to this page. From here you click on the person icon & upload your own picture!

So get shopping, all you need is your perscription.

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