Change of Plans …

This Saturday I had plans to go the Sever’s Corn Maze with my dearest college friend, but of course it rained & we had to change plans. Melissa suggested going to Mall of America, I shot that down right away.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Sweater: Bishop + Young, from Hope Chest for $12, Tank Top: H by Borefaux, from Opitz for $6, Jeans: Mossimo, from Goodwill for $4, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, from Opitz for $30, Hat: Target, from Goodwill for $5

“Hell NO! I don’t go to the MOA.” I stated. I hated it, the amount of people there literally scares me. I get super anxious just thinking about the MOA, but after trying to think up other places to go, I knew Melissa was right. This way we could eat & hang out for awhile.

We jumped right in the car & I could feel my stress level raising & it got to an all time high when it took FOREVER to find a parking spot. I expressed my fear to Tyler, & he reassured me that we got this. He told me he would be in charge of Rowan & he wouldn’t keep his eyes off of him so I could relax.

We found Melissa, Brady, & their adorable son Camden & headed to Cowboy Jacks for dinner. Going out to dinner in its self can be a disaster. We have found that we have turned into the parents we would never be. The parents that give their child an electronic so they can enjoy their dinner. Yep I do it! Thankfully this is the only time he uses it, this or long road trips.

So I knew dinner would be okay, but Cowboy Jacks went above & beyond. They sat us in our own private room with a couch/lounge area, a TV, it was perfect. We really got to enjoy each others company & a few drinks!

We then headed to Lego Land since it’s free. Rowan was having a great time until he noticed all the rides. He was no longer willing to sit & play with legos, he had to be on those rides.

Thankfully as we entered the park a man gave us his unused tickets, 57 tickets. That was the nicest thing ever, it really just made our night. We took turn going on rides with the boys. Camden even experienced his 1st rollercoaster. It was the perfect way to end the evening!

I couldn’t of asked for a better night. It was so great see my friend, relax, & have fun. I am so glad that I over came my fear, & didn’t allow my anxiety to hold me back. I am even more thankful for my husband, who reassured me. I need to do this more often, be spontaneous.

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