Mom Guilt … 

Mom guilt is seriously the worst thing ever, this little voice in your head doubting your decisions & every move. Am I going out too much? Should my kid be potty trained by now? Is it to early for preschool? The list goes on & on.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Jacket: DKNY, from Goodwill for $4, Romper: Xhilaration, from Target for $8, Shoes: Kork from DSW for $45

These little thoughts pop-up ALL the time. I find myself defending my choices, when I don’t need to. I also realize no one is judging me or telling me what I should be doing with my child. (Or at least not to my face.) So where does all this mom quilt come from? …

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Tank Top: Victoria Secret for $12, Jeans: Frame, from Opitz $60


It’s the mom groups, the posts, or just the picture perfect family. They make us doubt ourselves. We get a little idea of what all these other mothers are doing & put unneeded pressure on ourselves.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Jacket: Xhiliration, from Target for $12, Tank Top: H by Bordeaux, from Opitz for $6, Jeans: Old Navy for $12, Boots: Hunter, gift

I realized this when a friend of mine said “I can’t be like you & go, go, go, your always out doing something with Rowan.” I was a bit shocked, because I was envious of this mother. She had her son enrolled in an elite spanish immersion daycare, they did tons of mommy & me classes, & her son ate anything! (My kids live off hotdogs.) They could go out to restaurants. She obviously didn’t know everything about me.

Yes, we go out all the time. We are either at the park, apple orchard, museum, some fair, because I suck as an at home mom. Literally if we were at home the T.V. would be on, I would be constantly picking up after my kid. (I hate messes & clutter.) It is so stressful. I don’t “live in the moment” at home, I wish I could. This is why my kid isn’t potty trained, I can’t stay at the house for more than a day. It sucks. I wish we could be at home more.

Romper: Old Navy for $8, Backpack: Vintage Coach, from thrift store for $12

The truth is we just don’t know everything about someone else. They don’t know everything about you, they don’t need to. You be you, & do what is best for you & YOUR family. Just because we see something on social media doesn’t mean that is the WHOLE picture. When that little voice pops up now, I just reassure myself over & over that I am doing the right thing. I am a great mom.

4 thoughts on “Mom Guilt … 

  1. Trisha says:

    Loved this post! It’s so easy to feel inadequate when we’re surrounded with so many images of “perfect” moms. A mommy-group mentor once told me that what we’re seeing are other people’s high light reels. We’re not seeing the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff. We can’t compare our lows to their highs. Great reminder to build up one another : )

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