Out of the House in an Hour … 

I know what you are thinking … there is no way she can get herself & her toddler out of the house in an hour. The truth is I really do & from no help from my husband. (He is already off at work) The key to this is routine & preparations.

7:00am My alarm goes off. I do NOT press snooze. I get up go to the bathroom & head to the back door to let the dog/Holly out. I refill her food & water dishes. While Holly is off doing her business I wash the dishes from last nights dinner. (We don’t have a dish washer, my husband keeps trying to buy me one, I just don’t want one. I actually really enjoy doing the dishes.) By the time I am finishing the dishes so is Holly. I let her in & head to coffee!

7:05am COFFEE! I need my coffee in the morning. I make a huge pot of coffee 1 pot of coffee lasts me 3 days. I love hot coffee, but lately I have been loving just an ice cold cup of coffee with creamer. Also at this time I am doing any crock pot meals for dinner that are already all prepped or making myself & sometimes Rowan some quick eggs or toast. Rowan is not a huge eater in the morning. Also packing Rowans lunch, his lunch consists of easy grab things, like a lunchable or snackable, fruit, a single serving snack, & water. I bring coffee & breakfast with me to the bedroom.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Sweater: 1901, from Opitz for $10, Tank Top: Mossoni, from Goodwill for $2, Shorts: Gilligan, from Goodwill for $2.50, Socks: from Goodwill for $2

7:15am I get dressed. I have already checked the weather the night before & have my outfits planned out. (If not already for the whole week.) Obviously there is those days where you put something on that you planned, but just aren’t digging it. On those days I ALWAYS keep one piece the same wether it’s my pants or shirt.

7:25am Make-up time. No joke for work, I just do my eyebrows & mascara, if I am feeling like I am needing a bit color, maybe some blush. But this is very rare. I work at a school & just feel I don’t need anymore, usually the same for weekends. Honestly I am kind of lazy, I would way rather sleep in then get up to do my makeup or hair. As for my hair I usually just braid it of some sort, pull it up, or leave it down. I don’t own a hair dryer or straightener. I seriously just wash my hair the night before and comb it.

7:30am Rowan is waking up. I do a diaper change & put him right in his clothes for the day that I have set out the night before. He is a pretty easy going guy & takes a little while to wake up.

7:40am I am finishing up with Rowan by giving him something to eat & some milk. This kid could not live with out his milk. As for breakfast for him it is something simple, dry cereal, fruit, toast, sausage, eggs that I have already made, really just whatever. I don’t do any morning dishes until after work. Rowan knows that after breakfast he needs to clean up, he will put his own dishes in the sink.

I just relax now … As I type this up I get a bit overwhelmed, it seems still almost impossible to get all those things done in such little time, but I do. I do it every weekday & it just becomes routine.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Shirt: Mossimo, from Target clearance $6, Vest: Merona, from Target for $20, Jeans: Mossimo, from Goodwill for $5, Shoes: Vans, from DSW for $45

7:55am We are both brushing our teeth together. This is one of my favorite times of the day. We always make silly faces in the mirror before we leave. Rowan points to my reflection in the mirror & always says Mom. I love this.
8:00am Walking out the door.

I truly leave the house feeling accomplished and ready for the day. I don’t ever feel rushed & it really helps set the pace for the day.

It just really comes down to routine, planning, & preperation.



2 thoughts on “Out of the House in an Hour … 

  1. Russel Ray Photos says:

    My friends think it sad that my life is run by an Excel spreadsheet of things to do each day. I have have “brush teeth” on it because I hate brushing my teeth.
    I think it’s sad that my friends are always telling me how they never get anything done, that they don’t have enough time, etc.
    As my wise old grandmother told me in 1966 when I was 11: “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”
    Or as George Harrison sang in 2003 (posthumously): “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

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