How to Shop at Goodwill …

People often ask me where I get my clothes, the answer is Opitz or Goodwill 75% of the time. Their response usually is ‘I get so overwhelmed thrifting.’ I totally understand this statement, so I came up with a list of tips to help you with your next Goodwill trip.

1. Donate: Unfortunately Goodwills prices have gone up in the last couple of years. So I always have a Goodwill bag ready to go to get the 25% off coupon. Plus donating makes me not feel guilty about buying new things & helps me to not be a hoarder. 

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Shirt: Gap, from Gap Outlet for $6, Skirt: Jeffery & Dara, from Goodwill for $4, Shoes: Vans, from DSW for $45

2. Set a Time Limit: I always set a time limit for around 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. This helps me get in & out with out feeling overwhelmed. I set about 5 to 10 mintues on each area. (Shoes, jeans, kids clothes, etc.) 

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Dress: Dress Forum, from Goodwill for $4, Shoes: Sanita, from thrift store in Montana for $18

3. Know Your Size: This can be hard for some people, but can save you tons of time. I never ever look through the smalls, I am not a small, so why would I waste my time. This goes for pants as well, you need to know your size.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Jacket: Mossimo, from Goodwill for $4, Sweatshirt: Ralph Lauren, from garage sale for $4, Jeans: J.Crew, from Goodwill for $8, Backpack: Vintage Coach, from thrift store for $12

4. Have an Idea: I go into Goodwill thinking it would be great to find X, Y, & Z. Now obviously I don’t always get these things, but it gives my trip more of a purpose. 

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Dress: 12PM, from Goodwill for $5, Shoes: Vans, from DSW for $45

5. LOOK FOR JEANS in the Men Section: This by far is my best tip if your looking for nicer jeans, they are usualy sized by inches rather then a size & often get placed in the mens section. 

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Shirt: Xhilaration, from Target clearance for $8, Jeans: Free People, from Goodwill for $8, Shoes: Korks, from Nordstroms Rack for $45

6. Get Familiar & Go Often: Learning how your Goodwill is set up helps a ton. You then know exactaly where to go. Also the more you go the more you will find. I try to go once every 2 weeks. 

Really it is just about having fun & enjoying the hunt. I hope these tips help you on your next Goodwill trip. Nothing is better than an awesome find. 

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